Monday, June 14, 2010

New Artist at Sonoma Coffee Cafe

Adam Heffler / Foobix Design

I have been unwittingly cultivating my style for my entire life, as it is an evolution from the doodling that has kept me enraptured since I was first able to wield the tools of the trade. It wasn’t until after college that I realized the true importance of what I was doing. I began seeing the my art as an urgent demand for further exploration. So I took up the Micron pen, and never looked back. Now here I am, creating very small, complex images that flow through my hand like some sort of otherworldly calligraphy, expressing themselves on the paper as a great totemic story.

The flurry of tiny, interrelated shapes, usually only spanning a few square inches, creates a sense of motion, where the eye freely darts from shape to shape, cluster to cluster, and form to form. Within this process, many people find different things in my art. Sometimes they see things that I see, and sometimes something new – a pleasant surprise! I have come to appreciate the spectrum of interpretation that my art can bring. I have noticed that certain elements persist – birds, prehistoric imagery, and fish – these might be considered to be a thematic backbone, and greatest mystery of my work.

For purchace inquiries, commission requests, and general interrogation, you can contact me at FoobixDesign at Gmail dot com.

Current Exhibitions and Events
June 5-6, 12-13 – Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios

May 1 – June 30 – Solo Show – Sonoma Coffee Cafe – Berkeley, CA

Past Exhibitions – Solo
2009 Arizmendi Bakery – Emeryville, CA
2009 The office of Dr. Richard Marcus – Alameda, CA

Past Exhibitions – Group
2010 Think Green 2 – Expressions Gallery – Berkeley, CA
2010 The Modernists – Expressions Gallery
2010 Past, Present and Future – Expressions Gallery
2009 The Color Show – Slate Art and Design – Oakland, CA
2009 Holidayland – Blankspace – Oakland, CA
2009 Dramatic Characters – Expressions Gallery
2009 Gone Fishin’ – Expressions Gallery
2009 Spring Has Sprung – Expressions Gallery
2009 Suggestion of Sensuality – Expressions Gallery
2008 Off The Mark Studio – Vallejo, CA
2008 Summer Salon: Hot Art – Center For Visual Artists – Greensboro, NC
2008 The Greensboro 200 – Center For Visual Artists
2007 All-Member Juried – Center For Visual Artists

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long time no talk

Hello Berkeley,

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. Some of the baristas are doing latte art and etching to make your drinks look nice as you take a sip. We now have paninis, wraps, and fruit & yogurt parfaits made fresh. The great thing is we use many organic ingredients that we purchase from local vendors: organic ham, turkey and chicken from Delmonte Meats; organic produce from Berkeley Bowl; organic Fair Trade coffee, etc. So much has changed here and we will continue to perfect it with the help of customer suggestions and opinions. We appreciate all the suggestions and opinions from everyone because we want to make this a community coffee shop for you! It's great to get to know everyone by name and if we don't know you by name, just introduce yourself. We all try to remember your order so we can make your drink a personalized drink. I'm horrible with blogging and doing social networking, but add us on Facebook ( I guess I better go back to work... I love my job :)