Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 19

Hello Berkeley! We're happy to see a lot of our returning customers and smiles on their faces. We have a lot of people come in the day, but our afternoon is slow. It's ok because we're here for you any time of the day. It's great to see people are still finding out about us. Our night time customers are slowly coming in. We do plan on staying open later if it does get busier. We know finals are coming up and our permit only allows us to stay open until 11 P.M. If we do get a lot of customers and request for it, we will open later for you! Please let us know what we can provide for you and it can be done. On a different subject, how is everyone doing with finals coming up? I remember the days of late night cramming and drinking coffee. I used to get a bucket of ice filled with water and put my feet in it to keep me awake. Try not to get tempted with your friends asking you to go out and party or hang out. I know it's easy to say yes, but you really pay the price later. Anyway, good luck everyone and you get to enjoy a long vacation after finals! Talk to you later.


Mai said...

Keep up the good work! Still planning on stopping by for a sandwich one of these days! Love your blog updates so far - very inspiring!

Mai said...

BTW - Great pictures of the shop on Yelp - esp. the menu items/prices. Dont forget to include business hours on the site as well. Thats always helpful!