Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello Berkeley

Hello Berkeley! We are located on 2131 Durant Avenue (corner of Fulton and Durant). Today is day 17 and we are happy to see new and our usual customers. We would like to thank all the feed backs from everyone and we are continuing to make changes in order to make this a community coffee shop for you. We love to change things up in here because a new look is not a bad thing. We think of it as getting a new haircut or styling your hair. We are currently working on having sliding glass windows and shading our shop. We thought it was going to be a cold winter when we opened, but the weather has been warm and heats up our shop. :( Thank you for bearing with us. Look out for our employee drinks that will be posted soon. We are tempted to have customer drinks as well..., but that's later down the road. We see the great reviews from Yelp and I hope we continue to see more. We love it when people stop in and give us suggestions, so please post on Yelp as well. We believe that Sonoma Coffee Cafe here in Berkeley is your coffee shop. Everyone puts in their suggestion and we make it happen. Our dream is to be that coffee shop that everyone goes to study, meet a friend, hangout, relax, and come in to chat with us. Just like someone posted on Yelp about being a Friends/Cheers kind of place. We hope to continue serving you with a smile and laugh together. Till then, see you next time and have a good day.

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