Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 3

Hello Berkeley,

We are having a lot of fun with the customers and joking around with them. We do try and sell our personality, but our coffee is really good. Hmmm... that wasn't a good business pitch, but we don't care. We love people coming in and chatting with us. Thank you everyone for coming to our shop and visiting. We encourage interaction with the employees and also smiles. :) Cal game tomorrow! Go Bears! We will do some sampling so please stop by. Oh, to the people at Xtreme Pizza, you guys rock. I was really clumsy tonight and dropped a whole calzone. Yikes! I was tired and hungry and that just made my day worse. The manager comes and asked what happened and I told him my story. He was very kind and made me another one. Great food and great customer service. Anyone ever go to Loony's? Another place that is AWESOME! I can honestly say that everything there is goood. Everyone there is super nice and the set up is awesome. If you're a sports fan, don't miss out on this place. Well, almost closing time, but I just wanted to say thank you everyone and have a safe night.

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